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Bard of the Human Heart in Ancient Rome
& in our LGBT Communities.
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A cursory glance at the cover of Sometimes suggests it to be a light M/M Romance.
A closer look reveals the midnight sky and a watercolor of swallows.
The back cover lacks the customary verbiage. Instead, there are again swallows, stars and a brief quote from Richard III.
To the sensitive book-browser the cover would suggest a cosmology underpinning the romance.

A winner of a Goodreads giveaway (Jeff Linamen) posted a review on Goodreads and Amazon. In it he wrote:

I was blindsided. The title and book cover suggest the standard M/M Romance--
even the book description lends itself to this; what is actually sandwiched between the cover--explodes from the pages:
something so much more--mysteriously beautiful and profound.

In Sometimes Blaine Shirer--homely, gay and religious--arises from doing obeisance at the hairy legs of men who never loved him,
whose names he never bothers to learn. In it Robert Newell--handsome, straight and troubled--
never overcomes his latent fears. But together they make a home and celebrate together the negligible milestones of Bob's life,
of Blaine's and of the life they share together.

Loving isn't always an easy stroll. Sometimes bullets are fired and sometimes the State thinks it must utter its last, righteous word.

The original working title for this mainstream novel with gay theme was
"Ascent from Hell"--and such it is. From its opening scene of hell on earth
it ascends in fits and starts to the threshold of heaven.

Vann Turner's
Sometimes Lovin' is Hurtful
A mainstream novel with gay theme
432 pages, 107,000 words, published March, 2018


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Bard of the Human Heart
in Ancient Rome


AD 589. Sixth Century Italy was a desolate land. The Romans cowered under the brutality
of their Lombard overlords until one of them, Titus, dares to rally them.
After some success he rashly frees his 400 slaves.
That act--He's subverting the foundations of our State!--
compels him, bloodied, into a naked walk into banishment.
The setting is the twilight of Antiquity--the Sixth Century--when the traditions of Rome collided
with the customs of the Germanic invaders. The Sixth Century was the pivotal century.
Even at this late date things could have gone either way. The Western world did not need to slip
into an abnegation of everything human as it awaited the End of Days.
There was still a chance that the accumulated culture of the Roman people
--the skills, the technologies, the optimistic world-view--would continue.
Titus Tribonius tries to make it so.
He fails, of course, but fails triumphantly.

To Forestall the Darkness: A Novel of Ancient Rome, AD 589
Historical Fiction
612 pages, 158,000 words.
Third Edition, Nov 11, 2017
eBook and Paperback
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AD 593. Banishment has stripped Titus of his wife. In his absence she is raped.
In his heart a rage simmers. The Pope commands him to defeat the King besieging Rome.
He agrees to defend the city but won't lead the people out to their slaughter.
Pope: "Who are you to dare defy me?!"
Pitted against Titus's public life is his private life and his personal needs.
He needs to avenge his wife's defilement and he needs--somehow, someway--
to survive the machinations that threaten to destroy him
and to escape Rome with the other woman he loves.

To Abandon Rome, AD 593
Historical Fiction
342 pages, 85,000 words.
eBook and Paperback
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The maps of the city of Rome in *Abandon* cannot be adequately displayed
in an eBook because the map and legend cover left and right pages.
This necessitated the eBook edition to have simplified maps.
You may view, enlarge and/or download the full maps here (PDF format):
Map of Rome
Map of Rome's Northern Regions

Toward Northern Lights: AD 593 - 624

The last of the trilogy, ending on the shores of Scotland.

Coming Spring, 2019


a short-read

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The Marine, the Lady & the Hag: An Adult Fable.

This loss of innocence fable is set in New York City at the height of the Vietnam war.
In it an idealistic Marine confronts the horrors that await him
and glimpses the societal structures that enable those horrors and are indifferent to it.
It's a gripping good read (only 3000 words).
eBook only



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A shy person and something of a recluse, I avoid crowds and
try to avoid any attention. I am not on Facebook or Twitter.
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On occasion friends visit me and my dogs in our mountain home.
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